Daily Living the Truths of God’s Word

It is vital that we translate the teachings of the Bible into the way we think, feel, speak, and act every single day! Therefore, it is God’s desire that we grow in our understanding and faith, our daily lives will be transformed and become a true reflection of life in Him!

Life Changing praise and worship

God is first of all worthy to be praised. (Ps 29:2, John 4:23). Therefore, as we praise and worship God, not only will our lives be changed but we will also have an opportunity to help lead others to God through our praise and worship of Him!

Intercessory Prayer

God wants us to actively involve Him in our daily lives. (Eph 6:18; I Thes.5:17-18; I Tim 2:1) Therefore, God desires that we would look through His eyes in every circumstance and in the circumstances of those around us by bringing every care to Him!

Biblical Preaching and Teaching

We believe that proclaiming the Word of God is the primary function of the church. The Bible provides for us the foundation and standard upon which we can build our lives. Our teaching and preaching the Word of God helps us identify sin so that we might confess and repent of our sins so that we may experience true joy. It is through studying and applying the teaching of the Bible, we gain wisdom, strength and insights that are not available through mere human knowledge! (Neh8:8) & (2Timothy 4:2).

The Principle that All People Matter to God

God loves all the people of the world and desires that all people would come to a saving relationship with Him through His son Jesus Christ. (John 3:16, Acts 10:34, I Tim 2:3-4). Therefore, all people do matter to each of us regardless of ethnic background, age, or financial status!