Castleton Kids

To contact our Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Jenny Samuels, please email her at!

Are you new to Castleton? Are you thinking about checking out Castleton but want the scoop on our Children’s Ministry? We totally get it! Your child matters to us and we want you to know what you’re walking into!

Our Children’s Ministry is currently operating fully with extra cleaning practices in place to keep your child and family healthy!

  • Nursery
  • 2’s & 3’s
  • Pre-K & Kindergarten
  • Elementary

Castleton Christian Church wants to support moms and dads to help kids excel in three areas:

  1. Know God and His love for them.
  2. Grow in faith and love Christ.
  3. Show God’s love to others.

We work hard to meet your child right where they are and help them have an awesome understanding of God and His Word on their own level.

Kids seem to love Castleton Kids because the programs are fun and our volunteers take time to get to know each child’s name and their story. Castleton Kids values each person who walks into our children’s environment so we believe that safety/security is top priority. Each volunteer that serves in Castleton Kids has had a National Criminal Background Check completed that is kept on file for our (and your) record. Also, our leadership has an understanding of who the volunteer is as an individual and that their beliefs line up with that of Castleton.

As you enter the doors of Castleton Christian, you will be greeted and directed to our electronic check-in area. There you will find a friendly face ready to help register your child for their appropriate class. Each child will receive a printed tag that will be used at time of pick-up.

After checking your child in,

Early Childhood – You will go to your child’s class where you can meet their class leader. Drop-off for early child hood begins at 9:30am.

Elementary – Your child will attend the first half of the adult service with you. They will then be dismissed to their class after communion.

At the end of service, simply return to your child’s class with the appropriate security tag and their class leader with dismiss them to you.

We can’t wait to meet your family and we look forward to your visit!