Castleton Worship

Castleton Worship is made up of members who have a heart to serve Jesus, Castleton, and its people. Members are solely responsible for executing the weekend worship service experience at Castleton. From playing an instrument or singing, to designing light cues or running our online streaming platform, Castleton’s Worship Arts Team does it all. Occasionally, members of the Worship Arts Team will help design and construct new stage sets for Nights of Worship, Christmas, and Easter.

Castleton Worship does an acoustic version of “The Worship Medley” by Tauren Wells.

How Often Do I/Can I Serve?

The answer is simple…as much or as little as you would like. Though, we would like to see every team member serve at least once a month.

How Does Scheduling Work?

Once on the team, you will be given a preference as to how much or how little you would like to serve. We have team members that serve once a month, twice a month or even every weekend. Then, once you are placed on the schedule, you will be assigned to that weekend (or weekends) the remainder of that calendar year. The schedule can always be changed due to personal reasons, vacations, or other major events.

Are There Any Rehearsals Prior To The Sunday Worship Service?

Yes! There are two!

Rehearsal #1: The Worship Arts Team meets every Wednesday (6:30pm-7:45pm) for a full rehearsal.

Rehearsal #2: The Worship Arts Team meets every Sunday (8:30am-start of service) for a full rehearsal.

Please note that you are only required to be at these two rehearsals if you are scheduled for that weekend. If you aren’t scheduled to play, there’s no need to attend either of the rehearsals.

Are You Ready To Serve?

If so, please download, print, read, and sign the file below, and return it to Anthony Guzman, our Associate Pastor. Or you can pick up a packet at the welcome counter located the front lobby.