Here at Castleton, it’s hard not to get plugged into a ministry and be involved somewhere! If you’re looking for a ministry to serve in, whether it’s once or twice a month, we would love to get you plugged in!

Prayer Team: The goal of the Prayer Ministry is to be an instrument of prayer by faithfully presenting before the throne of God the prayers and petitions of our leadership, our congregation and those around us that we would minister to; To under gird our brothers and sisters through intercessory prayer; To empower individuals to enter into a closer relationship with God as they seek God’s direction and vision for their own life and for Castleton Christian Church.

Properties Team: The Properties Ministry maintains and upgrade the building and grounds. The Property keeps a strong focus on using good stewardship in decision-making.

Outreach Team: The Outreach Ministry develops strategies to introduce Castleton Christian Church (CCC) activities to the area and target community, develops seek-sensitive hospitality for visitors to CCC, encourages visitors to return to CCC, and to identify opportunities to integrate visitors into the activities of CCC.

Fellowship Team: The Fellowship Ministry sponsors, creates and oversees events, which would encourage new relationships and nurture existing relationships among members and friends of CCC.

Student / Youth Ministry: The Student Ministry sponsors youth programs for 6th-12th graders. Students participate in fundraisers, the 30 Hour Famine, a trip to CIY each year and weekly gatherings each Sunday evening.

Children’s Ministry: The Children’s Ministry reaches out to children by providing excellent opportunities for learning who God is, what it means to love Him and how to serve Him, in a loving and safe environment.

Discipleship Team: The Discipleship Team equips adults to be fully devoted, spiritually healthy and productive followers of Christ.

Worship / Production Team: The Worship / Production Team strives to create an atmosphere of genuine worship in each corporate worship experience that will be a life-changing source of strength throughout the week in the lives of all our believers!